Warehousing and data storage capability is another Hallett advantage. Our dynamic warehousing proves to be a cost-effective solution to institutional record management problems and long-term storage conundrums, because your company only pays for the cubic space your items occupy. Outsource the storage and retrieval of your inactive, semi-active files and documents to our spacious warehouse.

Warehouse Specifications

  • 100,000 cubic foot storage warehouse

  • Ceiling height of 30 feet

  • Reinforced concrete and steel

  • Dry-pipe sprinkler system and temperature protection

  • Minor to zero natural lighting prevents damage to materials

  • Facility has never experienced water damage, and elevated floor means no chance of flooding materials

  • High density racking system (for both furniture and records)

  • Bulk storage area

  • Individually secured wooden storage vaults

  • Palletized and containerized service available

  • Capacity to create separate high security space with built-in walls, fences, and/or sealing doors

  • HIPPA insurance

  • Warehouseman Legal Liability insured

Exceptional Service

  • Regularly staffed secure facility with fences, locks, camera surveillance, and hard-wired alarm system

  • Receiving, indexing, retrieval, and purging services

  • Computerized inventory control and asset management

  • Email/Call-in system to request boxes, files, furniture, or other materials for delivery or client pick-up